Onyx 4-seater 97cm Square Garden Dining Set – Social Plastic® White

Chair bucket made of recycled and recyclable Social Plastic® in a White colour with detachable rust-free aluminium legs in natural wood-printed effect. Bistro table made from FSC™ Eucalyptus wood.
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The Onyx 4-seater 97cm Square Garden Dining Set is the perfect outdoor furniture addition to any outdoor space. The sleek and elegant square dining table is made of 100% FSC™ Eucalyptus wood, ensuring that it is both stylish and responsible. The stacking chairs are made from recycled and recyclable Social Plastic®. Not only is this material innovative, but it is also ethically sourced, collected by the local population along the rivers and coasts of South East Asia who are trained and paid for this work. This prevents plastic waste from entering landfills and oceans, making this Garden Dining Set a responsible choice for the environmentally conscious. The aluminium chair legs have a natural wood-printed pattern and are detachable, making it easy to store the chairs when not in use. The stacking chairs are available in an array of refreshing colours, including White, Sage Green, and Dusty Blue, adding a touch of youthfulness to your outdoor space. With this square dining set, you can comfortably enjoy a meal with family and friends while knowing that you are making a positive impact.
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