What's Trending This Christmas?

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
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We take a look at some of the biggest festive trends – from key colours and decorations, to tasty treats and gift giving ideas – and give you the lowdown to help you stay ahead of the curve with your celebrations this year.

What’s on your plate?

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Get ready to welcome a few more vegans or vegetarians around your table this Christmas, as more and more people are switching up their diet and lifestyle for ethical, health or environmental reasons. Thankfully, the supermarkets have you covered with an abundance of ready-made vegan and vegetarian festive dishes available this year – from vegan ‘no beef’ wellingtons, to brie and cranberry parcels – just make sure you get your order early because they sell fast!

Or, if you fancy creating a homemade feast, then there is plenty of inspiration for recipes online and in food magazines. And, it doesn’t just stop with savoury dishes. Suppliers have upped their offering of vegan confectionary to meet increasing consumer demand this year; perfect to cater for someone with a sweet tooth.

Thoughtful touches

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According to Christmasworld, a lively connection to nature and life cycles are increasingly coming to the fore.
“With creativity and sustainable thinking, they increasingly dissolve the boundaries of art, craft and technology.”Christmasworld Trends 23+

With that in mind, expect to see more recycled materials and repurposed items transformed into decorations, a rise in popularity of home baking and activities other family, plus cosy and nostalgic décor. Just look at the desperate search for vintage ceramic Christmas trees this year, with the much-coveted originals going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay, as people seek out the old and familiar after such an unsettling time.

People are making more conscious choices this year, whether changing up their wrapping routine to incorporate more eco-friendly options or ditching paper altogether and opting for homemade fabric gift bags.

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Top tipples

Pink prosecco looks set to take this Christmas by storm. Anything that sparkles is usually a hit during the festive season, particularly when you give it an on-trend blush, but the excitement around this is that the wine variety didn’t actually exist until last year. A change in Italian law in 2020 allowed pinot noir grapes to be added into the mix to create a rosé prosecco; making wine history and earning a host of eager fans along the way. When the first bottles hit the shelves towards the end of 2020, suppliers were so overwhelmed by enquiries, they had to set up waiting lists.

Crémant de Loire has also seen growth in recent years as an excellent value alternative to Champagne.

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Meanwhile, the bubble around the rise of gin could be about to burst. Sales of the spirit have reportedly slowed down over the past year, making way for other tipples, including premium rums and whiskeys. Perfect for gifting or whipping up a cocktail at home this Christmas.



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