Top Urban Outdoor Furniture Sets For Your Small Outdoor Space

Oct 2022
LifestyleGarden Solana carver easy chair

The possibilities really are endless with small spaces if you’re willing to get creative. Each design carries its own charm and it’s up to you to choose the fittest outdoor furniture sets along with the best décor style for your outdoor space, whether it is a balcony or a small garden.
Read on to discover the best space-saving set for your home!

Panama Bistro Set

An excellent option for a small patio, the Panama bistro set is made from aluminium, with a touch of the beautiful AluPrint® finish that gives the slats on the tabletop a very natural and warm look. No hassle, all style.

LifestyleGarden Panama Stacking Armchair, Panama Bistro Table

This Panama Bistro Set include:

2 Panama stacking armchairs
1 Panama square table 64x64cm

Nassau Round Coffee Set

This Nassau set is constantly inviting us to join in with a good book and a cool drink in hand. They’re made lightweight and easy to move around if you need to adjust your space. Besides, Nassau is available in six different colors – Peony, Honey, Sage Green, Dark Green, Mint, and White. The stunning pastel hues of this contemporary recycled plastic collection breathe life and a touch of Caribbean charm into your home, whilst making a positive change to our planet. 

LifestyleGarden Nassau carver easy chair, Nassau Side Round Table 50cm

This Nassau Round Coffee Set include:

2 Nassau carver easy chairs
1 Nassau side round table

Solana Coffee Set

The Solana Coffee set has a modern and elegant design with aluminum, Weather-net®, and DuraBoard® materials. It doesn’t take up too much space whilst offering small-patio owners a comfy seat and a good outdoor time. A potted plant makes the perfect centerpiece for the table when it’s not in use.

LifestyleGarden Solana carver easy chair, Calgary side square table 50x50cm

This Solana Coffee Set include:

2 Solana stacking chairs
1 Solana side square table

Morella Gyro Bistro Set

A  bistro table is perfect for warm morning coffees with your loved ones. Simply set up some plants and lights, and you have mastered the art of outdoor entertaining. The green hues of plants are more than perfect to create a fresh and inviting outdoor space, and can turn even a balcony into a tropical paradise! 

LifestyleGarden Morella stacking armchair, Morella square table 63x63cm

This Morella Gyro Bistro Set include:

2 Morella stacking armchairs

1 Morela square bistro table

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