How to Mix & Match LifestyleGarden Bahamas Range

Monday, July 4, 2022
LifestyleGarden Bahamas Corner Coffee set with Chaise Lounge Main image
Made ideal for those who enjoy the comfy generous seats and the eye-catching beauty of delicate, hand-woven wicker design, Bahamas Range promises to deliver a premium outdoor experience all year long. Depending on your needs, there are numerous mix & match options that you can fully explore and be the creative designer of your personal space.

Bahamas Corner Coffee set with Chaise Lounge

As the weather turns warmer and the days get longer, everyone is spending more time outdoors. That is why it is critical to provide a welcoming and inspirational space in which you can enjoy Mother Nature. We have mixed a Bahamas corner coffee set with a lounge chaise for you if you are looking for ideas.
LifestyleGarden Bahamas Corner Coffee set with Chaise Lounge
This Bahamas Corner Coffee set with Chaise Lounge include:

1 Bahamas corner set
1 Bahamas lounge set
1 Bahamas square coffee table

Bahamas Daybed set

Are you looking for outdoor furniture that presents a flexible approach to comfort? A daybed is a fantastic multipurpose option that lets you relax the way you want. In the space below, we gather right and left arm chaise lounge together to give your patio, balcony, poolside, or garden a stylish and unique look!
LifestyleGarden Bahamas Daybed set
This Bahamas Daybed set include:

2 Bahamas daybeds
1 Bahamas side table

Bahamas Coffee set

No matter how your style or budget, a sofa, two chairs, and a coffee table is not only easy to put up but also affordable. Don’t forget to make your garden more stylish by adding outdoor decor like throw blankets, solar lanterns, and outdoor rugs.
LifestyleGarden Bahamas Coffee set
This Bahamas Coffee set include:

1 Bahamas 3-seater sofa
2 Bahamas sofa chairs
1 Bahamas rect. coffee table

Bahamas Chaise Lounge set

Making seats into L shapes is a terrific way to add seating to a garden without taking up a lot of room. We want to give you a setting with just a lounge chaise and a left-arm chair. It’s perfect for cozying up in the morning during the summer!
LifestyleGarden Bahamas Chaise Lounge set
This Bahamas Chaise Lounge set include:

1 Bahamas left/right 2-seater sofa

1 Bahamas right/left chaise lounge

1 Bahamas lite rect. coffee table

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