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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
LifestyleGarden Panama Dark - 6 Seater Rectangular Dining Mixed Set

Weather-Net® delivers optimum comfort without the faff of having to store cushions. Sleek, modern outdoor furniture made with this unique material is completely weatherproof, extremely hardwearing and a pleasure to sit on. Weather-Net is the ideal solution for outdoor seating, bringing comfort and convenience together in perfect balance.

Simple yet supportive

LifestyleGaredn Arno modular set

Weather-Net® perfectly complements stylish modern furniture with simple, clean lines; taking away the fussiness of cushions but still providing a supremely comfortable seat. This exclusive material is flexible, with great elasticity, and provides serious support, making these chairs suitable for heavy use. For maximum comfort, chairs in the Panama Dark collection feature padded Weather-Net® headrests – creating truly versatile seating that can be used for dining or relaxing.

Strong stuff

The epitome of comfort, Weather-Net® also packs a punch when it comes to endurance. The polyester yarn used to create the hardwearing mesh has high strength and elasticity, which when woven and pressed, makes for one of the most durable materials available on the market. UV protection means that all Weather-Net® products will retain their original colour for years to come.

This hardwearing and supportive netting is completely impervious to the elements and, once it has been attached to one of LifestyleGarden®’s chair frames, you have a seat that can withstand all the weather thrown at it and is still strong enough to handle everyday use. Weather-Net® is also quick drying, so your furniture won’t be taken out of action after a downpour and means no panic about making sure your cushions have been brought in out of the rain.

LifestyleGarden Portals-Lite stacking chair and table dining set

How do I care for it?

Weather-Net® needs very little looking after. The beauty of this incredible material is that it is completely maintenance free. We appreciate you want to keep your furniture looking as pristine as possible, so should you ever need to give it a clean, just use a little soap and water.

A more responsible choice

Like all of the materials used in LifestyleGarden®’s collections, Weather-Net® is safe for the environment and manufactured in an environmentally-conscious way. LifestyleGarden® protects the environment by minimising waste, reducing emissions, reducing consumption of resources and energy. All raw materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced and we are sure to control the use of restricted substances in all of the materials in our portfolio.

LifestyleGarden Portals Lite stacking chair, rect table 161x95cm


Name: Weather-Net®

Colours: Various, including grey and taupe
What is it? One of the most durable materials available – a finely-woven, weather-proof yarn that creates supreme comfort on outdoor seating

Key benefits:

  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • High strength and elasticity
  • UV-resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Supplied with 2-year warranty

Maintenance required: None



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