Chic outdoor furniture with a conscience

Nov 2023

Transform your outdoor space with showstopping pieces that are built to last, require little-to-no maintenance, and are designed responsibly to minimise waste and impact on the environment. 

From pared-back Scandi-style ranges made from game-changing recycled materials to exquisite new FSC teak collections, and even sumptuous sofa sets, there is something to suit all tastes and, more importantly, to fit in with busy family lives, where maintaining garden furniture falls down the list of priorities. All ranges are manufactured in an environmentally-conscious way, using ethically-sourced materials 

LifestyleGarden®’s FSC teak products strike the perfect balance between style and substance. These design-led pieces are made from superior wood that offers fantastic weather-resistant properties and is incredibly low maintenance. The abundance of natural oils in teak prevents damage that would be caused by moisture, whilst also resisting rot and decay. It also has excellent insulation properties, meaning it doesn’t get too hot in the summer but retains its heat during winter. 

Teak ages beautifully and is highly prized for the silver-grey patina it gains over time if left untreated or easily restored if you ever want a return to the original rich brown.  


LifestyleGarden®’s Nassau collection changed the face of outdoor living, through the use of groundbreaking recycled plastics that help clear the world’s oceans and waterways of waste. Social Plastic® – in partnership with Plastic Bank – is manufactured from recycled ocean waste and plastic pollution in developing countries, whilst DuraOcean® is manufactured using recycled ropes from the maritime industry. 

Not only are these recycled plastic materials extremely durable and resistant, but they also require zero maintenance and boast excellent colour fastness, meaning they won’t fade. The furniture can be dismantled at the end of its life and all components are 100% recyclable.

LifestyleGarden® wants you to spend more time enjoying your furniture, which is why we use hardwearing and innovative materials, including our next-generation tabletops made from Duraboard®, and our Olefin® cushions, which are resistant to stains, abrasions,  sunlight, fire and chemicals – so no matter how rowdy your kids or guests get, these beautiful linen-look cushions will stay looking pristine. Olefin® is also fast drying, so even an unexpected downpour or spillage doesn’t have to stop your fun for long. 

With stackable dining chairs, bistro sets, and even mini versions of our corner sofa units available, you don’t need to have a huge garden to enjoy our ranges. The option to ‘mix and match’ products means you can create the perfect combination for whatever size space you have to play with. 

Enjoy some low-maintenance luxury with LifestyleGarden! 

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